Rehab and Detox Facility in Marbella

Kosher Rehab Europe

Kosher Rehab Europe is a unique recovery program, specially designed for the needs of Jewish patients. Our programs are tailored to the individual needs of our clients and integrate medical, psychological and spiritual practices in order to provide them with the best possible care and result.

Our aim is to help each person understand the underlying cause of their addiction and offer an individual therapy for Jewish patients through a better understanding of their heritage and cultural background.

Kosher Rehab Europe is a special program offered by Hellerhof Clinic. The Hellerhof Clinic specializes in Psychosomatics and Psychotherapy treatments in Marbella. This beautiful part of the Mediterranean has been famous since ancient times for its unique healthy climate.

The clinic provides treatment of neuroses, depression, dependences (alcoholism, smoking, drug addiction), eating and sleep disorders, and age-related changes in psyche. Particular attention is paid to the family psychotherapy and working with teens and young adults. Our specialists try to resolve your problems and tailor individual courses of treatment, which include various techniques.

Our experts continue learning constantly. Thanks to the cooperation of the leading scientific centers, we have at our disposal modern treatment techniques.

We practice a family-oriented approach. Our aim is to help our patients, that is why we cooperate with family members and consider them to be an integral part of our team. If required, we invite family members to take part in seminars in Marbella.

We admit English, Spanish, Russian, German and French speaking patients.

The treatment is provided both for adults and for teenagers. Please contact us for details.

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