Rehab and Detox Facility in Marbella

The Admission Process

Mostly we are being contacted by a family member (parent, spouse, partner) on behalf of the client affected by substance abuse, depression, binge eating or another concerning condition.

We advise on the treatment possibilities, procedures, steps which must be done. Our medical staff contacts patients GP or a hospital in order to receive medical documents. We treat a patient- not a disease, that is why we need a full picture of the condition, including medical reports, test results, X-Ray, CT, MRT and other available medical files. We give an estimate of a time frame for the duration of the treatment and potential cost involved.

After all preliminary questions are settled we arrange an admission. Our clinical facilities are located between Malaga Airport and Gibraltar airport. We can arrange a pickup of the patient, who is normally accompanied by a family member.

So the next steps are:
• Contact us by phone or per email
• Provide us with medical information about the patient
• Arrange funding
• Book a date

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