Rehab and Detox Facility in Marbella

Kosher Environment and Jewish observance in the facility

At Hellerhof Clinic we make all of our resources available for the Jewish patients to maintain Jewish practices so that they feel comfortable. We don´t impose any religious practices or requirements, but make sure that they are available to our patients. We closely co-operate with local and international established religious and community authorities so that we can enable a most efficient balance between religious observance and treatment success.

Facilities are located within a walking distance to a Synagogue, so that the patients are able to attend the services under supervision.

All food is certified Kosher and is provided by supervised and certified caterer. We include nutrition advice into the treatment and use food both healthy and kosher. Spiritual guidance by Rabbi and Jewish educators will be provided to clients willing to participate. Our experienced doctors and psychologist have special training enabling them to understand background of the clients and specific family related issues impacting the treatment.

Languages available are English, Spanish, Russian, German and French.

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