Rehab and Detox Facility in Marbella

The Treatment Process

Upon successful admission our multidisciplinary team, consisting out of doctors, psychologists, alternative therapists, nutritionists, develops a treatment plan.

Initial assessment: in-depth examination by our medical team in order to get a full medical picture not limited to the particular issue, but full medical history of the patient. Upon availability this stage includes interviews with a family member.

Upon medical necessity a detoxification (medical detox) is prescribed and conducted. A nutritional consultation is substantial part of a detox process in order to include food-assisted detox into the treatment.

Therapy according to the developed plan may include psychotherapy, pharmacotherapy, art therapy, family-based interventions, family therapy, couple therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, life style modification advice, group therapy and many other different options.

Different personal development program elements are included into the treatment concept in order to create a balanced day-to-day schedule. Spiritual guidance, fitness, animal based therapy, trips and tours, swimming and walking, breathing and relaxation technics contribute to the recovery.

We practice a family-oriented approach. Our aim is to help our patients, that is why we cooperate with family members and consider them to be an integral part of our team.

Aftercare: we schedule regular sessions both in Marbella or via Skype.

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